The Abandoned: Warehouse 1.0

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Download The Abandoned: Warehouse 1.0 for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

An old job for you to work awaits you again, but this time you working overnight in The old warehouse, your boss said that everything must be perfect if you want get paid but during your work you realise you're not alone and something else lies beneath the Warehouse.

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Chapter 1:

Chapter 2:


*Play only on the selected gamemode

*Do NOT cheat

*Do NOT play on multiplayer since that may cause bugs

*If you are a youtuber atleast put the link under your video descriptions from this site!


For the required stuff to be found you have to look carefully around or under

There's a few "cutscenes" which you'll be unable to move around until it's finished

Make sure your device is good enough to handle this map

Also there might be more to be found.... perhaps a few hidden items that have some connection?

How to download???

Once you downloaded the zip file, unzip it and open the folder

inside there's both chapter 1 and chapter 2, double click them to import them to your

Minecraft Bedrock Edition

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Download map The Abandoned: Warehouse 1.0 (71 mb)

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Published 5.02.2023 by ChrisMP