Popular CTM Maps for Minecraft:

Spectrum is a complete-the-monument map with multiple genres

Download (7 mb)

A new kind of CTM awaits you. Place several single colored b

Download (3 mb)

Traveling from island to island you will need the courage to

Download (1 mb)

A miniature CTM with unique loot and mobs. Conquer dungeons

Download (16 mb)

This is a sky-block-esque challenge map. Complete objectives

Download (6 mb)

Collect three pieces of wool before the enemy team can, in t

Download (1 mb)

Welcome to Chunk Loader, a Complete the Monument map in whic

Download (16 mb)

This is a hardcore Mini CTM map with three wools and the obj

Download (4 mb)

Master your elytra skills as you explore the skies, looking

Download (616 kb)

Latest CTM Maps for Minecraft:


Survival Minecraft was it's most fun for me when it was new. When there were unknown locations to discover - and the rules of the game weren't fully understood. ......

v 1.14 Download (23 mb) Read more →

Terminal Velocity 1.2.0

You managed to escape! Or have you? You will be free... if you can to make it in one piece to the end of this corridor, collect the 3 keys to open the ......

v 1.13.2 Download (15 mb) Read more →

Infested Lands

My first CTM map I have made. I am rather proud with how it turned out. No wacky mechanics. Just classic, pure CTM....

v1.8.9 Download (3 mb) Read more →

Crimson Torrent

Your vacation trip to the nether went horribly wrong and now you are stranded in this nightmare. Retrieve 6 obsidian pieces to repair your nether portal ......

v 1.13.2 Download (25 mb) Read more →

Sweet Dreams

A 6 objective map, around 2 hours of gameplay, and a lot of fun! Switch between dream and reality to collect the 3 concrete and 3 beds!...

v1.12 Download (22 mb) Read more →


Are you ready to fight against Gea and her army ?...

v 1.13.2 Download (7 mb) Read more →

Titan's Revolt

Created by over 20 talented map makers and nearly 5 years in the making, the sequel to the acclaimed Pantheon finally arrives: TITAN'S REVOLT. Featuring ......

v1.8.9 Download (108 mb) Read more →


Welcome to Metaplex, a complete the monument map featuring eight different sections of Minecraft like Parkour, FTB, Elytra, Maze, and more! Try to complete ......

v1.12.2 Download (11 mb) Read more →

The Last Chunk

The world has come to an end, and you are the only one capable of saving it, or at least, keep it alive a little longer........

v1.13.1 Download (418 kb) Read more →