Popular Maps 2017-2018 for Minecraft:

A city with many buildings in a futuristic style. Now update

Download (81 mb)

Just one map with buildings from 85 cities all around the wo

Download (65 mb)

Looking for a paradise of parkour? Don't look any further. 1

Download (13 mb)

Parkour spiral is a MASSIVE parkour map. You start at the

Download (3 mb)

Jump into the second story of the Asleep series as you exper

Download (22 mb)

The map includes 25 droppers with amazing effects and struct

Download (8 mb)

Granny keeps you locked in her House!

Download (8 mb)

You know Dropper Maps? They are boring. Try it out with levi

Download (2 mb)

Noisy, tall, observant, bitter, behind you. What is it?

Download (26 mb)

Will you be able to escape all 10 prisons?

Download (12 mb)

Welcome to the HeroFair Amusement Park! Home to many differe

Download (10 mb)

Latest added maps for Minecraft:

Ruby Caverns

Welcome to Ruby Caverns! Here you'll find monsters, traps, bosses, spells, wands, and lots of pain. Try to enjoy your stay; otherwise, exit is right over ......

v 1.13.2 Download (2 mb) Read more →


You are an alien traveler trying to get home after you crash your spaceship on a strange planet. Afraid and alone, you start to explore the planet in hopes ......

v1.12.2 Download (1 mb) Read more →

Escape the Room: Office

All you have to do is complete the puzzles with the clues around the room to find the key....

v 1.13.2 Download (2 mb) Read more →

Disorienting PvP

Try to stay alive with random loot in the maze while different events are happening and other players are trying to find and kill you!...

v 1.13.2 Download (540 kb) Read more →

It's Coming

When you put your head on your pillow that night, you never knew it would be the last time to see your daughter. ...

v1.12 Download (10 mb) Read more →


Welcome to Metaplex, a complete the monument map featuring eight different sections of Minecraft like Parkour, FTB, Elytra, Maze, and more! Try to complete ......

v1.12.2 Download (11 mb) Read more →

Happy Treehouse Survival

You are Lost in the jungle for days and you found an empty Treehouse and it's look good and you decided to live in it and survive. ...

v 1.13.2 Download (15 mb) Read more →

Find the Button: Elements

This is a find the button map that has you go through 6 different and unique levels. So it should be a fun time playing!...

v 1.13 Download (835 kb) Read more →

Ultimate Spleef Arena 5000

It's classic spleef, with a twist! Instead of flat layers of snow, there are structures to dig your way through. NOTE: 2 player only!...

v1.13.1 Download (797 kb) Read more →