Popular Maps for Minecraft 1.8.1:

Enter a post-apocalyptic world where humans survive undergro

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You are a resident of Chester's Mill, Maine, you find your s

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A map that takes you to space where you are given extreme sp

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Loading into a new Minecraft world, you discover it's not li

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Latest Maps for Minecraft 1.8.1:

Tales of Nira 3 - Demyx Boss 1.1

This is a recreation of the Demyx Boss fight in Kingdom Hearts 2 in Minecraft!...

v1.8.1 Download (6 mb)

Tales of Nira 2 - Winter Frost 1.1

This is a snowman mob boss with deadly abilities....

v1.8.1 Download (9 mb)

Tales of Nira 1 - Battle Front 1.3

This map features three high quality, challenging, multi-phase zombie bosses with deadly abilities....

v1.8.1 Download (21 mb)

Man Vs Myth 1.1

Man Vs Myth is a team versus player styled game based after the TF2 server mod VS Saxton Hale....

v1.8.1 Download (3 mb)

Levelz Parkour

Can you parkour through a series of levels? Try out this map to test your skills in an extremely hard, rage map!...

v1.8.1 Download (218 kb)

Ore Sprint Parkour

This map features 12 levels of Minecraft ore themed parkour....

v1.8.1 Download (6 mb)

Parkour Sandbox 2: Kinetic Dash 1.3

Each player gets a chance to make their own parkour course, and then all players will take turns racing each other's courses for first place!...

v1.8.1 Download (1 mb)

Puzzled Parkour

Parkour your way through puzzles and parkour! Can you do it, are you a mastermind?...

v1.8.1 Download (397 kb)

Hectic Parkour

Can you beat one of the hardest parkour maps ever made? Try this map, I challenge you!...

v1.8.1 Download (370 kb)

Razzed Parkour

Parkour your way through a fun-filled, colorful parkour adventure!...

v1.8.1 Download (393 kb)