Tales of Nira 3 - Demyx Boss

for Minecarft v1.8.1

Download Tales of Nira 3 - Demyx Boss for Minecraft 1.8.1

Map Info:

A map series containing challenging monster boss fights who have abilities controlled by redstone that are very deadly and hard to kill.

This was one of my favorite boss fights of all time~ Demyx in Kingdom Hearts 2. In this map I've re-made the boss fight into Minecraft.


Length: Around 10ish minutes of potential gameplay.
Players: 1+ (1-2 recommended).
Minecraft Version: 1.8.1; 1.8.6 and above won't work, and anything below 1.8 won't work.

  • Recreation of the Demyx Boss fight in Kingdom Hearts 2 in Minecraft!
  • Easy/normal/hard mode difficulties.
  • Boss scales with the amount of players present.
  • Boss health bars.
  • Music by Radiarc.
  • High scores on boss kill times.
  • A ton of fun on multiplayer!
  • Forum page for my maps.

    Download map Tales of Nira 3 - Demyx Boss

    Tales of Nira 3 - Demyx Boss - v1.1 for MC version 1.8.1.zip (6 mb)

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    Published 27.12.2015 by Mithey