Popular Parkour Maps for Minecraft:

Assassin's Creep is an open Parkour map in Assassin's Creed

Download (5 mb)

Progress from very easy to quite challenging parkour, while

Download (621 kb)

Jump 'n' Run parkour map for minecraft, for up to three play

Download (357 kb)

You wake up inside a box-like island in the sky. A tree lies

Download (582 kb)

A map that takes you to space where you are given extreme sp

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Parkour in Minecraft. Literally. Parkour in Minecraft. What

Download (3 mb)

40 Jumps is a challenging single-player parkour map, made fo

Download (1 mb)

This is a difficult parkour map, that is NOT for the faint o

Download (9 mb)

Looking for a paradise of parkour? Don't look any further. 1

Download (9 mb)

The world has crumbled around you, leaving the smoldering ru

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The sequel to the popular map, Sky Park. This map focuses on

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In a world of darkness, the only way to escape is the light.

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Latest Parkour Maps for Minecraft:

Jumping Around the World

¡Jump through nine levels full of special blocks and secret areas!...

v 1.13.2 Download (8 mb) Read more →

Ring of Parkour

Welcome to the Ring of Parkour! On this map you'll have to go through several Different Themed Stages! Make sure to play it! im pretty sure you'll enjoy ......

v1.12.2 Download (2 mb) Read more →

Block Tower

A 256-block tower. Can you reach the top?...

v 1.13.2 Download (9 mb) Read more →

Cookie Parkour

Mmmmm cookies... i mean wait what? oh yeah this is a new parkour map based around cookies! in this small sized parkour map travel around on cookie platforms ......

v 1.13.2 Download (611 kb) Read more →

JUMP Fortress

JUMP FORTRESS is a platforming map with a built-in multi jump and wall climbing mechanic. there are moving platforms, projectiles, and a challenging end ......

v 1.13.2 Download (3 mb) Read more →

The Lab - Parkour Adventure

In this Parkour Adventure Map, you're sent on a journey... you've heard rumors of a laboratory that once experimented with teleportation....

v1.12.2 Download (2 mb) Read more →

Harnessing Helium 2 1.1

Welcome to Harnessing Helium 2: The Parkour Map... with floaty stuff!!! In this sequel new map, you have a balloon... and an umbrella! New Mechanics, Less ......

v 1.13.2 Download (8 mb) Read more →

Without Sneaking 2 1.1

A parkour map but you can't press shift it's hard!!! first play Without Sneaking 1 before you play Without Sneaking 2!...

v 1.13.2 Download (1 mb) Read more →

Slow Faling Parkour

Are you tired of painful and hard parkour jumps that seem impossible? Are you bored of just doing that same dull jump over and over again? Do you want ......

v 1.13.2 Download (4 mb) Read more →

Parkour Basics 1.2

Parkour Basics is a map based on a datapack that adds new parkour mechanics in vanilla minecraft ! Use your new Grab and Wallrun abilities to make your ......

v 1.14 Download (2 mb) Read more →