Popular Survival Maps for Minecraft:

You are lost on an island, in the middle of the ocean, stran

Download (44 mb)

You find yourself stranded on a raft floating somewhere in t

Download (21 mb)

Cube Survival combines survival gameplay with some adventure

Download (2 mb)

You start in a Soyuz spacecraft and have to find your way to

Download (912 kb)

Latest Survival Maps for Minecraft:

Sky Brick Ultimate

SkyBlock but enhanced and with so much things to do, a lot of islands, dungeons with bosses, new things, block generators, new mobs, ultimate and maybe ......

v1.14.2 Download (9 mb)


You must prepare the planet for colonization!...

v1.14.2 Download (78 mb)


A prehistoric survival island map!...

v1.14.2 Download (148 mb)

Slimy Survival

You are now trapped in this slimy sewer you must survive and thrive with limited resources. Build to fill up this slimy sewer and may just turn it into ......

v1.14.2 Download (560 kb)

Ultra Hardcore Midnight Challenge

Is minecraft too easy for you? Is ultra-hardcore mode just not that hard anymore? Do you enjoy unfair maps that try to kill you over and over again? If ......

v1.14.2 Download (6 mb)

Shop Survival

A new way to play minecraft. Trade your items for special tokens to buy many useful items....

v 1.14 Download (18 mb)

SkyBlock Reimagined

Skyblock Reimagined is a new take on the old Minecraft Skyblock formula. 6 islands, unlimited opportunities!...

v 1.13.2 Download (3 mb)

SkyBlock Evo

Skyblock Evo is the ultimate Skyblock experience! Master the floating islands in each dimension: the Overworld, the Nether, the End, and the PARADISE, ......

v 1.14 Download (17 mb)