Popular Maps for Minecraft 1.12.2:

Granny keeps you locked in her House!

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Welcome to the HeroFair Amusement Park! Home to many differe

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This 82 rooms parkour was made by my 7 year old son. It's fi

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Alone, with only half heart you have to complete tasks doing

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A very intense and near impossible dropper map...with lots o

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A Dropper-Map by J28_Gaming and Tjark77.

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Concrete Parkour Is The Parkour That Only The Best And Aweso

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Are you ready to get trolled and ragequit? I don't think so!

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You're on an island. Complete all the given quests and have

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In "8 Diamonds of parkour" you will be presented with 8 leve

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Latest Maps for Minecraft 1.12.2:

Buddy System

A simple Parkour map made just for you and your friend Download and enjoy your time together NOTES: map made for 2 PLAYERS ONLY...

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TOXINS is a singleplayer horror map based in a nuclear wasteland. You are a detective living very close to the wasteland and a report for a missing child ......

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Not a "Map"

This map unfortunately has no main path. Oh well. What a loss. You might as well play the parkour then, and then move on to the mob arena. And who knows, ......

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The sequel to the BLACKOUT horror post-apo map. Yet again, you wake up in an unknown place, in a hanging train that's about to fall. Overcome the nuclear ......

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Pure 5

Looking for a short and fun parkour map? Pure 5 offers an experience that fits that criteria perfectly....

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A Missing River

A river supplying a village with water has unexplainably dried out. Following this mysterious event the village won't have water for much longer. In this ......

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Elytra Adventure

4 Elytra fall levels to complete it and have lots of fun!...

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15 Biomes Escape

A puzzle map that uses your knowledge of MineCraft biomes to find the sheet of paper and throw it in the hopper....

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The Way Home

It was an unremarkable day for you. You sat in a bar with a friend. After another bottle of beer you wanted to use the toilet, and you left for a couple ......

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DELTARUNE Chapter 1 Parkour

This is a parkour map inspired by the game Deltarune Chapter 1.  ...

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