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Download Oldvale for Minecraft 1.12.2


  • The item frames saying "Monitor 1: No input signal" are screens of different kinds, mostly computers or TV's.
  • You are allowed to redistribute the map any way you want as long as the credit goes to me and links back to this page.
  • The map is vanilla, but it looks good with shaders. The use of texture packs may change the look, both ways.
  • There is an apocalyptic version of this map, download it here! (These two maps will be updated with the same new areas)
  • The file is large as I create my worlds in default (Sorry for that inconvenience)
  • This map, along with the apocalyptic version, will most likely be the focus of my work.

    Version 2! Whats new;

    • Extended highway and railroad
    • Industrial area: A container port and an oil refinery
    • Two ships, one oil tanker and one container ship
    • Warehouse
    • Prison
    • Scaldon Medical Research Facility (this plays a more important role in the apocalypse)
    • More surrounding houses
    • And then the old features:

      • Town hall
      • Church
      • Hospital
      • Fire- and police department
      • Gas station
      • Train station
      • Elementary School
      • Cafè
      • Restaurant
      • Offices
      • Fitness center
      • Flower shop
      • Grocery store
      • Electronic store
      • Residential area
      • Antenna
      • Farms
      • Wood export site
      • Two highways with a tunnel and an intersection
      • Highway construction site
      • There will most likely be added a new and more "normal" city in one of the future versions, but this is all there is for now.

        Leave a comment if you got feedback, or want to see a special location in a future version! In addition, check out my own website: EXPmaps.

        I hope you enjoy the map!


        Download map Oldvale

        Oldvale_v2.0.zip (227 mb)

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        Published 30.03.2018 by Eivisxp