Popular Puzzle Maps for Minecraft:

Are you ready to get trolled and ragequit? I don't think so!

Download (3 mb)

The Hypercube is a 20-minute puzzle parkour map in which you

Download (10 mb)

This map is all about crafting in 1.14.2. Are you the master

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Latest Puzzle Maps for Minecraft:

Small Worlds

Travel from world to world and solve a lot of puzzles to go to the next one. Including ice floes, pollen and a delicious secret......

v1.14.3 Download (5 mb)

There's nothing here! *Clickbait*

There's nothing inside this map so you shouldn't play this map....

v1.14.3 Download (1 mb)

60 Minute Escape: Evershift Manor

You have 60 Minutes to escape from these twisted halls. Will you fail, or can you escape Evershift Manor!...

v1.12.2 Download (4 mb)

Rainbow Rise

Complete 16 colorful levels of puzzle, parkour and more!! All in a giant rainbow tower!!...

v1.14.2 Download (1 mb)

Escape the Mansion

Escape the mansion by looking for hidden keys, from the mysterious kidnapper....

v1.14.3 Download (8 mb)

Space Wrap

A short map which bends space and mind!...

v1.14.2 Download (1 mb)

Tp To Me

Solve your way to victory by teleporting an armor stand around ten custom designed levels!...

v1.14.2 Download (1 mb)

30 Minute Escape

Simply escape the house to win. The only catch is that you must figure out what to do when the bomb on your head reaches 0:00. You have 30 minutes....

v 1.13 Download (470 kb)

Another Time

In this map, you must complete 5 different areas if you want to escape this place. Do you have what it takes to escape this place? Find out in Another ......

v1.14.2 Download (3 mb)