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Here list of the 687 Puzzle Maps for Minecraft, you can download them freely. The first map was published on 4 November 2011, last map added 4 days ago. Put all files combined, it's 3 Gb of Minecraft maps! Enjoy your game.

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Download Soulless for Minecraft 1.15.2


You are... somewhere. Probably. And there's... floating... stuff. You remember nothing. And you might never remember anything....

v1.15.2 Download (8 mb)
Download Duke of Diamonds for Minecraft 1.15.2

Duke of Diamonds

Diamond Duke requires your services. It appears that Diamond Duke's power and pride, diamonds, are in trouble....

v1.15.2 Download (8 mb)
Download This is not a map for Minecraft 1.15.2

This is not a map

This is not a minecraft map... or is it?...

v1.15.2 Download (11 mb)
Download Escape Rooms for Minecraft 1.15.2

Escape Rooms

ESCAPE ROOMS is a single-player escape games map with three rooms to escape. Do you think you're able to go through all of them? How fast can you do it? ......

v1.15.2 Download (20 mb)
Download Choosing Path for Minecraft 1.15.2

Choosing Path

Welcome to the small map that test your logic. On this map you need to paint over all the white blocks while driving the chicken. You must not enter where ......

v1.15.2 Download (3 mb)
Download The Twist Labs (Remastered) for Minecraft 1.15.2

The Twist Labs (Remastered) 2.10

An adventure and puzzle map for two players. An exciting day of playing many exciting Minecraft adventure maps is coming to an end and you're going to ......

v1.15.2 Download (7 mb)
Download Gold Puzzles for Minecraft 1.15.2

Gold Puzzles

Complete objectives relating to a gold block in 25 unique and decorative puzzles! Play or alone or with friends!...

v1.15.2 Download (10 mb)
Download Level 10 for Minecraft 1.16

Level 10

Go further than any player before as you solve the puzzles of the rusted and decaying tenth level in a famous sports and entertainment competition! Collect ......

v1.16 Download (7 mb)
Download Pather for Minecraft 1.15.2


Help Pathy find his way around six unique stages. Lay-out a path with custom markers and guide Pathy home!...

v1.15.2 Download (3 mb)

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Robbing a bank? Really? Well guess what, you ended up in a p

Download (2 mb)

You start in your cozy little prison cell and have to try to

Download (4 mb)

The sequel of the first Communicate map. Complete simplistic

Download (29 mb)

Are you ready to get trolled and ragequit? I don't think so!

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