Popular Horror Maps for Minecraft:

Granny keeps you locked in her House!

Download (8 mb)

A co-op/singleplayer map based on Alien: Isolation. It featu

Download (28 mb)

Noisy, tall, observant, bitter, behind you. What is it?

Download (26 mb)

You wake up in a strange office, with no memory of who you a

Download (75 mb)

Latest Horror Maps for Minecraft:

Bloody Emeralds

Bloody Emeralds is a very short horror map that takes place in a jungle after your emeralds were stolen....

v1.14.3 Download (17 mb)


A tale about a haunted village becomes the talk of the town. You, Jason Bautista, decides to prove that it's just another myth. ...

v 1.14 Download (38 mb)


Alone is a very short horror map that takes place in a forest after car breaks down....

v1.14.3 Download (15 mb)

SCP: Blocktainment Breach 1.3

Recreation of Containment Breach in Minecraft....

v1.12.2 Download (96 mb)

The Smiling Prince

The Smiling Prince is a very short, disturbing, horror/walking simulator. ...

v1.14.3 Download (18 mb)


Your name: Jonas Rivera, 19. You wake up in a huge abandoned facility. You do not remember last night, and your only thoughts are: Get out....

v 1.14 Download (53 mb)

Nightmare on Weeping Street

It was night. You were in coma after visiting hospital. You wake up in weeping street, and try to investigate what's going on and why this has happened ......

v1.12.2 Download (127 mb)

The Lost Temple

This is the story of a boy of going to his school hall but he fell asleep....

v1.14.2 Download (120 mb)

Rusty Metal

From the developer of the critically acclaimed map, ''The Darkest Hour'' comes an even more-so immersive and gripping story and horror map....

v1.14.2 Download (176 mb)