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NOTE: This is an old map. It requires Minecraft 1.8.9 to work correctly.

Decades ago, the CIA's mind control and behavior modification experimental program MK Ultra included witting and unwitting human experimentation under the occasional supervision of imported post-WW2 Nazi scientists. Some of these were carried out in mental institutions or other facilities where forgotten, disposed of persons that no one would be likely to miss were housed

One such facility, Massive Mountain asylum, was recently reopened under the operation of Murkoff Corporation. It revived (fictional) aspects of MK Ultra related research in an attempt to conjur supernatural forces.

An investigative journalist travels to the asylum in an attempt to find dirt on and discredit or destroy Murkoff Corporation. He arrives at the asylum only to become hopelessly trapped inside, discovering that the experiments are continuing and involve subjecting patients to nightmarish fear, imagery, and other stimuli based on a formula the scientists refer to as the Morphogenic Engine.



  • Experience Your favorite horror game in Minecraft!
  • Custom sounds and music!
  • Custom mobs and items!
  • ~2 Hours long!
  • Detailed and atmospheric
  • It's own resource pack combined from other resouce packs and some completely new skins!
  • Magical features like clickable signs, sprinting by holding buttons and zooming in without Optifine!
  • Screenshots

    Download map OUTLAST

    OUTLAST_REMASTER_v2.0_MC_1.8.9.zip (82 mb)

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    Published 25.05.2019 by panR4IN