Popular Adventure Maps for Minecraft:

Sequel to Payday: The Minecraft Heist. This map features 7 p

Download (63 mb)

This adventure map is based on the game Payday: The Heist.

Download (12 mb)

As a test subject at the CDF testing facility, it's your job

Download (10 mb)

You find yourself in a prison cell along with a completely i

Download (6 mb)

You awaken in a jail with a plan... to escape. Your adventur

Download (14 mb)

Enter a post-apocalyptic world where humans survive undergro

Download (11 mb)

You are a resident of Chester's Mill, Maine, you find your s

Download (6 mb)

Mars Mission is a custom adventure map for minecraft.

Download (94 mb)

Custom minecraft map based on the popular TV show Lost. Set

Download (63 mb)

What happens when a desperate geologist gets ahold of large

Download (16 mb)

Latest Adventure Maps for Minecraft:

System Shock 2

As you make your way through the corridors of the Von Braun, you realise what mess you are now part of and how you probably won't get to escape. Suddenly, ......

v 1.13.2 Download (302 mb) Read more →

Emerald Chambers

Turnbased. Top-down. Random dungeons. No stress, all deaths. Ruby Caverns was a victory... will this be, too?...

v 1.14 Download (3 mb) Read more →

Not a "Map"

This map unfortunately has no main path. Oh well. What a loss. You might as well play the parkour then, and then move on to the mob arena. And who knows, ......

v1.12.2 Download (10 mb) Read more →


You must rescue the lost scientists in the Vendolust Planetary System!...

v 1.13.2 Download (38 mb) Read more →

A Missing River

A river supplying a village with water has unexplainably dried out. Following this mysterious event the village won't have water for much longer. In this ......

v1.12.2 Download (8 mb) Read more →


You have one mission, get back the Vorulian Capasht!...

v 1.13.2 Download (44 mb) Read more →

Elytra Adventure

4 Elytra fall levels to complete it and have lots of fun!...

v1.12.2 Download (7 mb) Read more →

Villager Tasks

Villager Tasks is a 1-2 player compatible adventure/minigame map about doing various difficult minigames to help random villagers in need....

v 1.13.2 Download (11 mb) Read more →

Rescue The Zairs

UzairCat & his friends are captured by an evil creature! If you download this map you'll be able to rescue them by completing challenges and playing ......

v 1.13.2 Download (2 mb) Read more →


Welcome to the world of Don't get Trolled 2. In this amazing sequel, you will explore castles, laboratories a Flaming arena and much more. Following the ......

v1.12.2 Download (21 mb) Read more →