Adventure Maps for Minecraft 1.11:

Here list of the 16 Adventure Maps for Minecraft 1.11, you can download them freely. The first map was published on 5 October 2016, last map added 293 days ago. Put all files combined, it's 206 mb of Minecraft maps! Enjoy your game.

Adventure Maps for Minecraft by version:

1.12.2 98 1.11.2 43 1.14.4 40 1.13.2 38 1.10.2 32 1.8 27 1.4.7 27 1.12 25 1.7 21 1.8.8 18 1.15.2 18 1.11 16 1.5.2 16 1.8.9 15 1.13 14 1.12.1 12 1.6.4 12 1.3.2 12 1.8.1 9 1.13.1 9 1.9 8 1.9.4 7 1.10 7 1.8.4 7 1.8.7 6 1.2.5 6 1.7.2 5 1.8.3 4 1.9.2 4 1.15.1 4

Download Beautiful Dreamer for Minecraft 1.11

Beautiful Dreamer

You are an ordinary human lost deep in his wildest dreams. Rushing into the fantasy of the diversity of the dreamworld, experience a series of thrilling ......

v1.11 Download (1 mb)
Download Holiday Quest: St. Patrick's Day for Minecraft 1.11

Holiday Quest: St. Patrick's Day 1.9

We hope you're feeling lucky with this Two-Player Adventure RPG. Filled with Puzzles, Quests, and Battles as you travel all of the land to Save St. Patrick's ......

v1.11 Download (47 mb)
Download Firework Engineer for Minecraft 1.11

Firework Engineer 1.1

There is a disturbance and the villagers in your town are very upset. Find out why and light up your town with firework for the celebration of 2017!...

v1.11 Download (4 mb)
Download Santa's Hat for Minecraft 1.11

Santa's Hat 0.8

When you wake up on Christmas night, Santa is missing and his hat is lying on your living room floor. Join a cast of animated and voiced characters on ......

v1.11 Download (13 mb)
Download Christmas Chaos for Minecraft 1.11

Christmas Chaos 1.1

You wake up a few days before Christmas and Santa announces that Christmas Preparation is behind schedule. Will you be able to help the elves, repair ......

v1.11 Download (13 mb)
Download Holiday Agent: The Winterrowd for Minecraft 1.11

Holiday Agent: The Winterrowd 1.1

Holiday Agent: The Winterrowd is the first part of the Holiday Agent adventure map series. In this map, you will play as an agent on a mission during Christmas ......

v1.11 Download (28 mb)
Download Traephetic for Minecraft 1.11


You will embark on a journey to save 2 areas and their people, wield your bow and sword, beside your gears, items in the game which allow you to do things ......

v1.11 Download (1 mb)
Download Jollyville for Minecraft 1.11


Jollyville is an Advent/Adventure Map composed of 24 different daily tasks. Help Santa and his elves undo the evil biddings of the Grinch!...

v1.11 Download (15 mb)
Download Clover's Advent Calendar for Minecraft 1.11

Clover's Advent Calendar 1.1

Clover's Advent Calendar is an adventure map featuring many different challenges, including parkour, puzzle, CTM and more!...

v1.11 Download (24 mb)
Download Last Hope for Minecraft 1.11

Last Hope 1.1

Last Hope is a short, combat-adventure map, set in the SW universe, where a sole rebel has the impossible task of destroying an Imperial flagship, using ......

v1.11 Download (2 mb)

Popular Adventure Maps for Minecraft 1.11:

Jollyville is an Advent/Adventure Map composed of 24 differe

Download (15 mb)

Residing deep in his formidable mansion, Herobrine schemes t

Download (19 mb)

Face 24 puzzles and free 24 villagers in this multiplayer fr

Download (21 mb)

You are an ordinary human lost deep in his wildest dreams. R

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