Adventure Maps for Minecraft 1.12:

Here list of the 25 Adventure Maps for Minecraft 1.12, you can download them freely. The first map was published on 24 February 2017, last map added 417 days ago. Put all files combined, it's 766 mb of Minecraft maps! Enjoy your game.

Adventure Maps for Minecraft Versions:

1.16.5 18 1.16.4 16 1.16.1 14 1.15.2 21 1.14.4 41 1.13.2 38 1.13.1 9 1.13 14 1.12.2 99 1.12.1 12 1.12 25 1.11.2 43 1.11 16 1.10.2 32 1.10 7 1.9.4 7 1.9 8 1.8.9 15 1.8.8 18 1.8.7 6 1.8.4 7 1.8.1 9 1.8 27 1.7.2 5 1.7 21 1.6.4 12 1.5.2 16 1.4.7 27 1.3.2 12 1.2.5 6

Download Dark Womb: Nightmare for Minecraft 1.12

Dark Womb: Nightmare

Dark Womb: Nightmare is an adventure map in 1.12 quite challenging, full of parkour and puzzles of any kind and other particular challenges....

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Download Pandemic for Minecraft 1.12


OPTIFINE REQUIRED! You are an astronaut sent on a mission to rescue the survivors of an infestation and alien ambush on a nearby space station....

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Download The Curse of Starry Isle for Minecraft 1.12

The Curse of Starry Isle

You begin your adventure in the quaint Starry Village. Quickly, you realise that a curse has fallen upon the island, and you're the hero that's tasked ......

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Download Trick or Treat for Minecraft 1.12

Trick or Treat

All you have to do is go from door to door collecting candy! Sounds easy right? Well you'll just have to find out in this spookay halloween adventure featuring ......

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Download Four Black Walls for Minecraft 1.12

Four Black Walls

Four Black Walls, an interactive, multiple endings map. Be careful of where you step, it could be the end of you! ...

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Download Retribution for Minecraft 1.12


Set one hundred years before the events of Lost Treasure. The Minions of Shub seek to release him from his prison....

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Download CUBEception: Reloaded for Minecraft 1.12

CUBEception: Reloaded

Escape from the mysterious Cube, discovering the remnants of a dystopian society, and learn the truth about the outside world! This classic adventure map ......

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Download Wrath Of Tornath for Minecraft 1.12

Wrath Of Tornath 1.025

An short but epic, beautiful combat-driven adventure map with a custom spell system and a very detailed custom resourcepack....

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Download The Golden Skull for Minecraft 1.12

The Golden Skull

Will you die in the ruins, or find the treasure? Just explore it to find out....

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Download Yok - Voice of the Gods for Minecraft 1.12

Yok - Voice of the Gods

This is an experiment in map design, storytelling, and building an immersive world. After the events of the first map, you wake up in a place made of sewn-together ......

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Popular Adventure Maps for Minecraft 1.12:

You've worked at a Detective Agency as an intern for very lo

Download (24 mb)

A Set, An Old Marina, A Jungle Full of Jewels… What lies a

Download (46 mb)

The Witch is a puzzle themed adventure map all with a story

Download (14 mb)

All you have to do is go from door to door collecting candy!

Download (3 mb)