Latest Maps for Minecraft 1.11:

Here list of the 83 maps for Minecraft 1.11, you can download them freely. The first map was published on 28 July 2015, last map added 378 days ago. Put all files combined, it's 583 mb of Minecraft maps! Enjoy your game.

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Download Beautiful Dreamer for Minecraft 1.11

Beautiful Dreamer

You are an ordinary human lost deep in his wildest dreams. Rushing into the fantasy of the diversity of the dreamworld, experience a series of thrilling ......

v1.11 Download (1 mb)
Download Makers Party for Minecraft 1.11

Makers Party

Makers Party is a board game with more than 15 minigames, a board 150x150 and a lot of different tiles! Under the sun, walk across the island in search ......

v1.11 Download (3 mb)
Download Giant Mobs for Minecraft 1.11

Giant Mobs

This command adds 10 giant mobs to your Minecraft world!...

v1.11 Download (190 kb)
Download Catching Fire for Minecraft 1.11

Catching Fire

A small recreation of the Hunger Games Arena in the second book, Catching Fire...

v1.11 Download (21 mb)
Download The Terminal for Minecraft 1.11

The Terminal 1.2

After disaster strikes the airport, you are left injured and helpless. But you are not alone... Escape from The Terminal in this completely vanilla horror ......

v1.11 Download (1 mb)
Download Holiday Quest: St. Patrick's Day for Minecraft 1.11

Holiday Quest: St. Patrick's Day 1.9

We hope you're feeling lucky with this Two-Player Adventure RPG. Filled with Puzzles, Quests, and Battles as you travel all of the land to Save St. Patrick's ......

v1.11 Download (47 mb)
Download Super Wipeout for Minecraft 1.11

Super Wipeout

Want to have a Super Wipeout? Come play the awesome redstone wipeout course!...

v1.11 Download (160 kb)
Download Makers Wars for Minecraft 1.11

Makers Wars

Who doesn't like Skywars? It's a great classic Minecraft minigame. Here is a MineMakers revisited version! Choose your equipment, your team and let's go ......

v1.11 Download (1 mb)
Download Go Seek It! for Minecraft 1.11

Go Seek It!

This is Go Seek It! A minecraft Find The Button themed map. It's my first Minecraft Map I've made....

v1.11 Download (483 kb)

Popular Maps for Minecraft 1.11:

Modern House is a reasonable sized house situated in the Sav

Download (4 mb)

This command adds 10 giant mobs to your Minecraft world!

Download (190 kb)

Jollyville is an Advent/Adventure Map composed of 24 differe

Download (15 mb)