Modern House

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Download Modern House for Minecraft 1.11

This is my first map for Minecraft 1.11

Modern House is a reasonable sized house situated in the Savanna. (I forgot to change the world to flat)

If you like this map, let me know and I will make more awesome maps!

This custom design features:

  • An underground basement.
  • Unique Slanted roof with sky-light.
  • Unique door design. (Acacia door acts as a screen door and the spruce door acts as a normal door).
  • Fully furnished (Except for basement, you can do what you want down there).
  • Small backyard that includes: Small deck with pizza oven, Small pond, Cobblestone paths and an entrance to the basement.
  • 2 storeys.
  • For maximum quality, go and download:  Flows HD 1.11 texture pack. (trust me, the map looks better with this pack. I built the house with this pack activated).


    If you record in this map, give me credit for my 2 hours worth of hard work (Most of it was measuring and decorating). Also add a link to my YouTube channel: .

    If there are any problems with this map, let me know and I will fix them for you.

    Thank you very much for downloading!


    Download map Modern House (4 mb)

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    Published 20.11.2016 by Lotalaughs5678