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Download Slice of Life for Minecraft 1.11

Slice of Life

You are brought to a strange planet. Can you survive and make it to the End?...

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Download ShulkerBox Parkour for Minecraft 1.11

ShulkerBox Parkour 1.2

A Co-op Challenge Map including Parkour, Puzzles, and PVE. Using Shulker Boxes in Parkour, Can you beat the challenge?...

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Download Lucky/Unlucky for Minecraft 1.11


CrazyBuilders present you the new parkour map Lucky/Unlucky! Have fun playing our new map! (Singleplayer only)...

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Download Advanced Parkour for Minecraft 1.11

Advanced Parkour 1.1

Climb walls, bounce on walls and grab walls. This map is not just a simple parkour map, but an ADVANCED one!...

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Download Deflecting Rays for Minecraft 1.11

Deflecting Rays 1.1

The city is being invaded and the shields are off! Drive the rays to the exit to open doors, reach the control center and flip the general switch to give ......

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Download Firework Engineer for Minecraft 1.11

Firework Engineer 1.1

There is a disturbance and the villagers in your town are very upset. Find out why and light up your town with firework for the celebration of 2017!...

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Download Master Parkour for Minecraft 1.11

Master Parkour

Are you a master at parkour? This map will test your parkour abilities! If you break thimgs when you rage, don't play this map. Master Parkour is a fun ......

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Download Santa's Hat for Minecraft 1.11

Santa's Hat 0.8

When you wake up on Christmas night, Santa is missing and his hat is lying on your living room floor. Join a cast of animated and voiced characters on ......

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Download Tear Gas for Minecraft 1.11

Tear Gas 1.3

Living deep underground until you found a path to the surface...can you out run the deadly TearGas to earn your freedom?...

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