Giant Mobs

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Command Info

This command adds 10 giant mobs to your Minecraft world:

  • Giant Pig
  • Giant Cow
  • Giant Creeper
  • Giant Wolf
  • Giant Chicken
  • Giant Slime
  • Giant Magma Cube
  • Giant Zombie
  • Giant Enderman
  • Giant Sheep
  • To get these giant mobs, throw an emerald and a diamond on the ground right next to each other. This will craft a Growth Crystal. Throw a growth crystal at the normal sized version of one of the ten giant mobs above and the mob will grow giant!

    These mobs have lots of health, but when killed drop a lot of loot.

    The giant creeper, zombie, slime and magma cube and enderman will attack you. Even the passive mobs will cause damage if you get close to them because they "crush" you.

    If in survival mode, the giant creeper will blow up if you are in range, creating a MASSIVE hole.

    The giant enderman randomly teleports around huge distances.

    If you throw a bucket at a giant cow, the bucket will be filled with super milk. Holding super milk will give you speed.


    This takes TWO commands and a resource pack to install. First activate the first command, and then a second command block will spawn where you can past the second command in.

    You may only have one giant mob of a type in your world at a time with the exception of the giant magma cube and slime


    Download map Giant Mobs (190 kb)

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