for Minecarft v1.12

Download Spheres for Minecraft 1.12

Command Info

Please note:

  • This command requires Minecraft 1.12 - Snapshot 17w06a
  • You will need to enable snapshots in the Minecraft Launcher to select this version.
  • It will NOT work in older client versions.
  • Command Trailer

    Note: This command requires a resource pack.

    Using this command, you can add rainbow spheres to your Minecraft world.

    To get a sphere, throw a diamond and any type of wool on the ground.

    That will get you a sphere spawn egg. Place the spawn egg on the ground to generate a sphere, which takes about 18 seconds to generate.

    To remove a sphere, craft a Sphere remover by throwing a diamond and flint and steel on the ground.

    You will get a spawn egg, and when you place the spawn egg next to the sphere it will disappear.

    You can have as many spheres as you want in your world at a time.

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    Download map Spheres

    Sphere_Resource_Pack_and_Command.zip (42 kb)

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    Published 20.03.2017 by THCommandBlocks