System Shock 2

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Download System Shock 2 for Minecraft 1.13.2


Play the legendary sci-fi horror game SYSTEM SHOCK 2 again! Now in Minecraft! This is a nearly 100% faithful recreation of the original game's layout (with some modifications here and there...). The map is not the entire game, it is up to the Operations Deck.

The map's atmosphere and mechanics are all inspired by the actual game. All with the sounds, enemy designs and music.

WARNING: Just like the real game this is based on, the map is hard to navigate at times. Make sure to pay close attention to your surroundings, read the logs and remember all the locked doors!


  • Long gameplay time (2-3 hours blind playthrough)
  • Custom villager shops where you can buy optional upgrades for your character and play the map how YOU want!
  • Custom music from the game.
  • Custom enemies with modified sound effects from the game.
  • Layout built as close as possible to the actual game.
  • Bunch of audio logs from the game.
  • Many lines of dialogue from the game.
  • Custom mechanics such as healing stations and bio-recreation machines (serving as save stations).
  • And of course, weapons and items based of off the actual game (nanites, cybernetic modules, wrench...)
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    Download map System Shock 2 (302 mb)

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    Published 18.05.2019 by panR4IN