Tazader City 2015

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It's packed with more skyscrapers, stadiums and hotels. This map will bring you many hours of fun and it is great to explore with friends.

The best just got better. Tazader has become the most popular Minecraft city map series. Now with this next update the city is tripled in size and more detailed than ever.

Visit an abandoned warehouse, play hockey, work in your own office, discover many of Tazader's hidden structures or just chill in your own hotel room! You will not be disappointed by downloading Tazader City 2015. Not recommended on slow devices.

This was originally a popular Minecraft: Pocket Edition map.

World Map:

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Tazader City 2015 PC.zip (9 mb)

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It's packed with skyscrapers, stadiums and hotels. This map

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Published 14.08.2015 by Autotaker