Parkour Spiral 2

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Download Parkour Spiral 2 for Minecraft 1.12

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Parkour Spiral is back!

And it’s better than ever!

With custom sounds and music, custom advancements and of course.. A LOT OF PARKOUR!

Parkour Spiral 2 has everything you want from a parkour map!


  • Custom music!
  • Custom advancements!
  • A timer to keep track of your time
  • Many checkpoint throughout the map
  • Many different biomes/stages
  • Beautiful surroundings!
  • Dropper!
  • Elytra parkour
  • Easter eggs
  • Much fun!
  • This map is 100% multiplayer friendly! More people = more fun!
  • Trailer

    Click HERE for the Parkour Spiral 2 trailer!

    Before You Play

    • Make sure you are playing on minecraft version 1.12, any 1.12 version should work.
    • If playing on a server, enable command blocks!
    • If playing on a server or LAN, you can download the Resource Pack HERE!
    • Screenshots

      Download map Parkour Spiral 2

      Parkour Spiral (17 mb)

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      Published 6.10.2017 by Hielke, It5meSam