Don't Press The Button: Remastered

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Wow, another button map? Yeah, but don't play it. Well, don't play it if you like pressing buttons. Because once again, you must not press it. Ever.

This is D(on't) P(ress) T(he) B(button) Remastered! And oh boy what brutal changes!

What's new?

  • For some reason liked everyone the fact that you have your own house. Now, you can spend your emeralds in a shop, and make your very own house in between the levels!
  • Instead of 10 levels, 3 main characters and 1 danger, I made 20 levels, 6 main characters and 2 dangers!
  • Every night, there are about 10 rooms to explore that differ every time! And the puzzles get bigger and meaner!
  • I added, finally, PvE! And a boss battle... A very epic and hard one!
  • And, for the really dedicated gamers, FOUR endings! Good, Better, Perfect and Hidden? You can get only one!
  • The rules

    All the rules are in the map itself, but here are they in short:

    • Gamemode 2, Difficulty Normal, GUI scale Normal, Render Distance 12+
    • Always grab everything
    • No multiplayer! That will go wrong...
    • Keep the breaking items always with you, you can do anything you like with the rest.
    • Unless you're stuck, found a bug (there are lots if you re-log) or really lost it, don't cheat.
    • Hints for the endings

      • Good Ending Just solve the puzzles, defeat the boss and do what's needed. Nothing special required.
      • Better Ending Try to protect the bomb with blocks that you'll find in night 19.
      • Perfect Ending Place the Lamp as high as possible, and you might want to buy something you wouldn't expect...
      • Now, grab a snack and drink, put your computer in the charger and make some free time, because this map is REALLY long! Enjoy!


        Download map Don't Press The Button: Remastered

        DPTB%3B (2 mb)

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        Published 13.03.2017 by Dirk van Winden