TITANIC - Survival Iceberg

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Download TITANIC - Survival Iceberg for Minecraft 1.8

You and your friends are First Class Passengers on the very popular ship - Titanic. Unfortunately, on 14th of April 1912 at 11:30 pm, Titanic hit the iceberg. You were sleeping in the room when that happened...But luckily, you woke up just when freezing water started pouring into your room (half an hour after the collision). You found the exit and you rushed into the life-boat. You then paddled to the first visible ground (iceberg)...


  • Version: 1.8/1.9+ (PC)
  • Recommended number of players: 1-4
  • Recommended difficulty: Peaceful/Normal
  • Gamemode: Survival
  • Goal of this map is to follow instructions and objectives as well as finish all of the minecraft achievements!

    After you do that, rescue ship (Carpathia) will arrive to your location and you successfully finished the map!

    On the iceberg you will have everything you will need for beginning but keep in mind that the iceberg has very limited resources so find them elsewhere.

    OBJECTIVES and RULES are in the map itself!


    1. Do NOT break blocks on the Titanic
    2. Do NOT return to Titanic after you leave it
    3. This is not a short map
    4. Titanic is in 1:1 scale and identical to the original
    5. Some of the interior of the Titanic isn't yet finished
    6. (Freezing) water kills you if you dive


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    Download map TITANIC - Survival Iceberg

    TITANIC - Survival Iceberg by Skolion.zip (6 mb)

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    Published 28.02.2016 by Skolion