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Download WILD WEST for Minecraft 1.7

Use this texture pack:

ICrafting's Western Style 32x32

Map Info:

This is a minecraft survival map for minecraft 1.7. You just arrived in a western town with enough gold in your pockets to start your new life here. 

More screenshots of the map: HERE

Recommended for Multiplayer!
If you make a letsplay of this map, please put a link to our youtube channel in the description! If you enjoyed this map please leave a comment!
  • You can play it on every difficulty including Peaceful.
  • Don't cheat etc... Play it as an average survival map!
  • Challenges:

    MAP VERSION 1.2:


    • Updated for 1.7.
    • Modified starting kit.
    • Better protection for NPCs.
    • Custom texture pack for the map.

      MAP VERSION 1.1:


      • Added two more buildings.
      • Added vanilla villagers with random trades.
      • Added two more customized villagers with custom trades, so now you can sell your stuff (like spider eyes, rotten flesh, cacti, etc.) for gold nuggets.
      • Added in-game quest log (Book).
      • Thanks for the suggestions!

        Download map WILD WEST

        WILDWEST_by_ICrafting_v1.2.zip (12 mb)

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        Published 21.04.2013 by ICrafting