Popular Maps for Minecraft 1.7:

Cube Survival combines survival gameplay with some adventure

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Sequel to Payday: The Minecraft Heist. This map features 7 p

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You start in a Soyuz spacecraft and have to find your way to

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As a test subject at the CDF testing facility, it's your job

Download (10 mb)

Western survival map made for the minecraft 1.7. A beautiful

Download (12 mb)

This map was created for the CubCon Server Network. It is a

Download (5 mb)

Inspired by a cruise ship employee (me), these ships are ver

Download (5 mb)

This puzzle map has 9 unique testing chambers. It is designe

Download (961 kb)

This is a difficult parkour map, that is NOT for the faint o

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This map is not a SkyBlock copy, but a real minecraft surviv

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Latest Maps for Minecraft 1.7:

Darkshard Islands

Be the first explorer to chart the Darkshard Islands! Battle monsters, gather resources, and explore dungeons....

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Thogeon's Crypt

Venture deep down into Thogeon's Crypt to destroy his undead army and stop the Soul Stealer from erasing mankind from the face of the earth!...

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CDF Testing Facility: Breakable 2

This sequel expands on the original with harder challenges and another custom resource pack that picks up where the original left off.   ...

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Ghast Blast: It Came From Above

Haha, you thought the Ghast Blast series was over. It's back, with more TNT, Ghasts, and a new arena!...

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Alone: Daybreak

This is Alone: Daybreak, where you will be all alone (in theory). You witness the sunrise, but it seems to have no ending... Escape the puzzle-themed house, ......

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Skip 1.1

Skip Is a parkour map where you must "Skip" your way through each level....

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CDF Testing Facility: Breakable

In this short spin off of Unbreakable, you are tasked with completing challenges in the CDF Testing Facility....

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Firestorm Vortex

Sequel to the Firestorm Fortress adventure map. The villagers of Cantichi village are glad that the terrible horrors within Firestorm Fortress have been ......

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What happens when video games meet each other inside of Minecraft? Find out in this epic parkour map!...

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Laidback Parkour

Laidback Parkour is a map with good sized levels that have easy jumps mixed in with the occasional hard jump. Hence the name, Laidback Parkour. ...

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