Phobos - Apocalyptic Survival

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Download Phobos - Apocalyptic Survival for Minecraft 1.8

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Phobos is a unique take on the "Apocalypse" map genre. There are no boundaries, world borders, or endless oceans to prevent you from exploring further. The massive, fully furnished city of Phobos is surrounded by actual 1.8 world generation, meaning you have the choice to stay in the city, or leave at any time. Go find a water temple, mine for resources, the choice is yours. You may also play with a friend!


There aren't any quests in this map, you make your own story. Though, there are a collection of commands I've created called "Vanilla Realism".

This system adds the following features to the game:

  • Thirst
  • Energy Drinks
  • Alcohol
  • Realistic Zombie Tracking
  • Hypothermia
  • Custom Firepits (to cook and prevent hypothermia, also provides light)
  • Slowness when injured
  • Getting wet from the rain
  • This map is for 1-2 players.

    You also have the option in-game to remove Vanilla Realism if you'd like to play with more than two people, or use the map as a foundation for some sort of "hunger games" city. Enjoy!

    Download map Phobos - Apocalyptic Survival

    Phobos - Apocalyptic (54 mb)

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    Published 9.09.2015 by Red Nomster