Mini Castle

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Battle through a Zombie horde to reach the top of the castle. Fight your way through 7 levels of varying difficulty in order to free the Princess.

This map features a unique plat-former styled gameplay, much like retro games. This map is completely reset-able and has a few configurable settings to change the difficulty.

All contained within a 20x20x20 area, for SQRTdude's 20x20x20 Map Challenge.


  • Platform-based Game-play.
  • All in a 20x20x20 Area.
  • 7 Stages of varying difficulty.
  • Configurable Settings.
  • Additional Info

    If there are any glitches/issues feel free to leave a comment or contact me at [email protected]

    If you make a video, please leave a link in the comments so I can see it.


    Download map Mini Castle (615 kb)

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    Published 5.04.2016 by Cloud_Wolf