Rainbow Runner

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Map Info:

Welcome to Rainbow Runner, a small mini-game made by me, adamtherealone. In this game your objective is to outrun the hurtling, shimmering rainbows. Hit a rainbow and your turn is over! Post your highscores with a screenshot! My best run is 297 levels. Please leave loads of feedback and suggestions for more mini-games. This is my first mini-game in my arsenal, be prepared for more!! 

Rainbow Runner is a map solely based on redstone and command blocks, so make sure that you have command blocks enabled or the map wont function!

Upon entry into the map you will start in a room made of iron blocks and lined with pink and light green wool, if this is not so then please say so in the comments and I will try to resolve the problem. Anyways.. There is a chest with golden apples on the floor in the case that you get hungry, we wouldn't want you to die...hehe..muahaha...muahahahahahahaha... There are two buttons on the wall, one allows you to play the easy version of Rainbow Runner, and the other button, the hard button, allows you to play the hard version of Rainbow Runner.

Your main objective as stated above is to avoid the parts of the rainbow that come hurtling towards you. Remember, when you get hit by the rainbow your turn is up. The map will then automatically reset and teleport you back to the starting room. During the game you will earn levels, or xp, this is a counter for how long your game has been lasting for. You get a level every 1.576 seconds (yes I did infact do the math for that.) When the game ends you will stop earning levels, upon the start of a new game, the levels will be reset to zero (0). 

-This game uses a dispensor randomizer, meaning that after playing about 30 or so games you might need to re-unzip the .zip file and reload the map.

-This game is single player.

-Play on peaceful.

-Allow command blocks.

-Eat lots of cake.

P.S. cake is a lie!

Download map Rainbow Runner

Rainbow runner V1.5.zip (286 kb)

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Published 18.05.2013 by adamtherealone