Latest Maps for Minecraft 1.14.1:

Here list of the 15 maps for Minecraft 1.14.1, you can download them freely. The first map was published on 16 May 2019, last map added 1794 days ago. Put all files combined, it's 76 mb of Minecraft maps! Enjoy your game.

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Download Another Youtuber Find The Button for Minecraft 1.14.1

Another Youtuber Find The Button

This is a Find the Button Map. It contains 12 levels containing 12 different Youtubers. The levels get harder but everything is possible. This is my first ......

v1.14.1 7 mb Read more →
Download Snowy Log Cabin for Minecraft 1.14.1

Snowy Log Cabin

A small log cabin in the snow....

v1.14.1 9 mb Read more →
Download Permutation for Minecraft 1.14.1


A simplistic puzzle map about stepping on pressure plates in the right order to convert concrete powder into concrete blocks....

v1.14.1 2 mb Read more →
Download S P A C E for Minecraft 1.14.1


It's the year 2920. Nearing the edge of space, you are much ahead in technology than unfortunate aliens who succumb to your feet. ...

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Download SanCisco's Stages of Parkour for Minecraft 1.14.1

SanCisco's Stages of Parkour

Will you be able to complete all 17 stages of this map? Enjoy this 1.14.1 parkour map alone, or with as many friends as you want!...

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Download Fight The Zombies: Endgame for Minecraft 1.14.1

Fight The Zombies: Endgame

This is a "Player VS Zombies" game . You can use a lot of "Special Functional Weapons" such as "Laser Crossbow" or "Fire Thrower" etc....

v1.14.1 37 mb Read more →
Download Four in a Row for Minecraft 1.14.1

Four in a Row

Four in a row in minecraft!...

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Download The Emoji Parkour! for Minecraft 1.14.1

The Emoji Parkour!

Challenge you and your friends parkour ability on 14 different cute emoticons of your everyday texting....

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Download The Burglar for Minecraft 1.14.1

The Burglar

This is an adventure map with a story. With over 1000 command blocks....

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Download Maze Runner for Minecraft 1.14.1

Maze Runner

A maze where you go out searching for the sacred tower but not searching for the tower itself, but what is inside it....

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A small log cabin in the snow.

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The clock strikes midnight, and all is quiet throughout your

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A maze where you go out searching for the sacred tower but n

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Can you beat "The Forest" in under a minute?

Download (834 kb)