Latest Maps for Minecraft 1.13:

Here list of the 64 maps for Minecraft 1.13, you can download them freely. The first map was published on 16 April 2018, last map added 1831 days ago. Put all files combined, it's 637 mb of Minecraft maps! Enjoy your game.

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Download 30 Minute Escape for Minecraft 1.13

30 Minute Escape

Simply escape the house to win. The only catch is that you must figure out what to do when the bomb on your head reaches 0:00. You have 30 minutes....

v1.13 470 kb Read more →
Download Blood Manor: Sanctuary for Minecraft 1.13

Blood Manor: Sanctuary

Take your camera and enter this creepy building... Will you survive the nightmare ?...

v1.13 142 mb Read more →
Download Underwater Escape for Minecraft 1.13

Underwater Escape 1.2

You find yourself in a stranded in a mysterious abandoned laboratory 10,000 feet below the surface of the ocean....

v1.13 2 mb Read more →
Download Adventure Mini-Golf for Minecraft 1.13

Adventure Mini-Golf

A simple mini-golf map with different worlds!...

v1.13 2 mb Read more →
Download The Maze Runner Trials for Minecraft 1.13

The Maze Runner Trials

Welcome to the Maze! In this map, you wake up in a square, grassy area called the Glade. The Glade is surrounded by a large and complicated maze. You must ......

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Download Aacumenunan Ramparts for Minecraft 1.13

Aacumenunan Ramparts

Cascading structure block method to build ramparts... Each structure has structure blocks that will load the next segment of wall, bartizan (turret), crenellation, ......

v1.13 29 mb Read more →
Download Acidblock for Minecraft 1.13

Acidblock 0.9.4

Inspired from skyblock and from the aquatic update, "Acidblock" is a new kind of minigame! Lots of challenges, custom advancements, custom crafting and ......

v1.13 25 mb Read more →
Download SkyBlock Light for Minecraft 1.13

SkyBlock Light 1.1

This SkyBlock themed survival map has several hours of guaranteed gaming! Featuring Custom Crafting, Special Spawners and Modified Villager trading....

v1.13 4 mb Read more →
Download Find the Button: Elements for Minecraft 1.13

Find the Button: Elements

This is a find the button map that has you go through 6 different and unique levels. So it should be a fun time playing!...

v1.13 835 kb Read more →
Download The Nightmare for Minecraft 1.13

The Nightmare

Play through this short story about you facing the evil monster from your nightmare and your adventure to success....

v1.13 31 mb Read more →

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Can you craft the epic rainbow pickaxe?

Download (6 mb)

You don't need to be a pro at parkour, because this is lite

Download (916 kb)

Welcome to the Maze! In this map, you wake up in a square, g

Download (15 mb)