Underwater Escape

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Download Underwater Escape for Minecraft 1.13

You find yourself in a stranded in a mysterious abandoned laboratory 10,000 feet below the surface of the ocean.

The year is now 2050 and the world has become flooded. This lab seems to be the last remaining laboratory that has managed to withstand the flood.

However, time is running out and it is not long before the lab begins to collapse on the weight of the ocean above.

You attempt to escape however, Dr. Aqua a mysterious man who seems to be the only other person left on this laboratory has his own plans for you and is not happy about the idea of him losing you.

As the last remaining test subject left in this facility, Dr. Aqua becomes desperate in trying to stop from escaping.

Your job is to make your way through this complex facility and in the hopes of escaping, but be you warned as the mysterious Dr. Aqua, has placed various traps that he has place all over the facility in an attempt to stop you.

Important Info

  • You must download the CUSTOM RESOURCE PACK and place it in the resource pack folder before you can play, otherwise the world would look way out of place.
  • You must play in 1.13 ONLY, as the models and some commands do not work in later versions
  • Features

    • Custom texture and models
    • Interactive Dialogue
    • Unique Puzzles
    • Custom Sounds
    • Immersive Environment
    • Screenshots

      Download map Underwater Escape

      Underwater_Escape_v1.2.zip (2 mb)

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      Published 9.03.2019 by Zilverkat