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Map Info:

Welcome to Progression, A multiplayer-friendly Skyblock Survival map that is unlike any other!

In this map there are special features including Upgradeable VillagersSemi-Hardcore and many other little features! The map has been designed to make it possible to get almost every single thing that you can get in regular survival! Thanks to the maps many custom features and trades, you are able to get all the achievements in game! There is no need for any additional downloads or resource packs for this map. The stone block directly under where you spawn on the map is infinite and will provide you an infinite source of stone and cobblestone.

Villagers: The island spawns with four villagers, the Farmer, Miner, Summoner and Sell Villager. All of these villagers are capable of being upgraded to level 5, with each level making the villager sell cheaper or unlock more trades!Together these villagers make it possible to get most of the things you can get in vanilla minecraft! To upgrade a villager, simply purchase the last item that the villager sells. It should be a piece of paper that will tell you the villager it will upgrade. Throw the upgrade on the ground to upgrade the villager you bought it from! The level of your villagers is recorded on the scoreboard on the right of the screen.

Semi-Hardcore and Ultra-Hardcore: It is possible to set the map to be semi hardcore or ultra hardcore. Semi hardcore allows you to set a certain number of lives. If you die, you lose a life! Run out of lives and the map becomes unplayable! To set the map to semi hardcore, type the following command in whilst at the lobby: /trigger lives set <No of lives>. This will set your lives to the amount of lives set in the command. Note that lives are shared by all the players on an island, so in multiplayer, if one player loses a life, all players lose a life. Ultra hardcore is another challenge that you can enable! It will set you to have only one life, you will be put into hard mode and natural regeneration will be turned off. In both semi hardcore and ultra hardcore, you can increase your lives by one by throwing a diamond and regular golden apple on the ground. If you do enable semi hardcore or ultra hardcore, you will have infinite lives.

Multiplayer: This map is 100% multiplayer compatible. Remember that if you do use this for multiplayer that the enable-command-block setting in the server properties file must be set to true. Also it is recommended that you do not use any plugins on your server, as they might stop the system from ruining. To make the map more multiplayer friendly, all but one player will receive a lava spawn egg that will create lava upon being placed. This is because there is only one source of stone and lava is not available until reasonably late game. Players can use the lava to make a cobblestone generator, meaning that all players can be grinding for stone at the same time. At the lobby, there are two switches that allow you to enable or disable friendlyfire and seeFriendlyInvisibles. These settings are only useful in multiplayer. When disabled, friendlyfire will prevent players on the island hurting each other. When enabled, seeFriendlyInvisibles will allow players on the island to see player that have the invisibility potion effect. It is not a requirement, however I would recommend not having more than 4 players on an island.

Additional Features: To make it possible to get grass blocks, you can simply throw a bucket of water onto a dirt block to turn it into grass. This will empty the bucket. It is possible to get spawners from the summoner (Level 3+)! You can simply purchase an empty spawner spawn egg from the summoner to get a spawner. Place the empty spawner to get a spawner, however you will notice that it will not spawn anything. To set what the spawner spawns, simply right-click the spawner with any spawn egg. To make it possible to get sponge, there is an elder guardian spawn egg, that is purchasable from the summoner (Level 4+). Place this spawn egg to get to get an elder guardian!

Known Bugs: Occasionally when you fall into the void, the villagers will disappear. This is a client-side glitch and I am unfortunately unable to fix it. However, if this does happen to you, just disconnect and reconnect and they should reappear. If you encounter any problems please report them to me in the comments below, and I will try to get a fix out as soon as possible!


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