Jed's Prison Escape 1.6.2

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Download Jed's Prison Escape 1.6.2 for Minecraft 1.19.2

Jed's Prison Escape is a huge escape room with non-linear progression, built purely with redstone. The idea is that you won't get stuck on a single puzzle and be completely barred from progress. Every area can be accessed through multiple routes and there are many ways to escape the prison. There are jumping puzzles, secret-finding, speed challenges, pure logic puzzles and much more. And if you're not great at parkour, there are always alternatives. So if you're stuck you can find always another way forward. There are characters and a story to keep track of, that might help for some puzzles. Clues scattered around the map will help you progress and figure puzzles out. Some are simple, while some are very difficult. The harder ones will naturally bring you closer to escape. But remember that if any one puzzle has you stumped, you can always find another. Maybe you'll even find a clue to help.

The progress was constantly steady for all beta testers and they were never stuck for more than 10 minutes without finding anything new. Though, the final step of escaping isn't simple, no matter which route one eventually solves. For an even more difficult task, I challenge you to find all escape routes and figure out the underlying story behind the prison.

Minecraft 1.18.1 or 1.18.2
No datapack required.
Optifine is recommended. The map can lag without it due to the many item frames, hoppers and chests.

Adventure mode.
No cheats, obviously.
Only specific papers can be renamed.
Get out any way you can. (Touching the sand outside the prison counts as an escape)

Multiplayer: The map is best enjoyed with 2 people, I think. It supports anywhere from 1-4 players. For multiplayer, some additional rules apply.
No PVP. You can't punch-boost your teammates.
At least for the first time going through a door: The person who pressed the button/noteblock has to be the one to enter the door. Especially important for timed challenges. (After someone has beaten a puzzle/timed challenge once, disregard this rule for that challenge)

Multiplayer recommendations: 

Try to stick together. There is no worse feeling than thinking you've discovered something new only to find your teammates have already been through there. For the early game, I'd recommend all staying in one room. Later, splitting is fine but once someone unlocks a new area, I suggest waiting for everyone to gather before exploring. 

Read clue books out loud or pass them around for everyone to read. Otherwise the common problem of two people sitting on half a solution each occurs.

Lastly, discuss your findings and bounce ideas off each other.


Download map Jed's Prison Escape 1.6.2 (26 mb)

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Published 1.03.2022 by MrJedama