Mage's Manor

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Download Mage's Manor for Minecraft 1.17.1

Mage's Manor

Mage's Manor is a spooky hide and seek-style minigame map with special and unique mechanics and features.

There are two teams the ghosts (the hiders, which goal is to hide in the dark and avoid ghosts) and mages (seekers, which goal is to find as many ghosts as possible)

Created by Ancientkingg & Wackyblocks

Required players: 2+ (6+ recommended)

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How to Play

In this game both teams will play both roles once. The game starts with the ghosts, where they have a minute to hide and place their npc ghosts, after a minute seekers will spawn and find as many ghosts in time as possible in 5 minutes.

Mages can catch ghosts using their vacuum, it can hold up to 3 ghosts at once. To dispose ghosts, find a trash can to catch more ghosts and gain team points.

During the game, players can also find souls, which can be used for unlocking new regions, unlocking loot chests or for brewing potions.

After both rounds have been played, points will be revealed and the winner will be declared!


Download map Mage's Manor (20 mb)

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Published 31.10.2021 by Wackyblocks & Ancientkingg