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Download Switcher 1.1 for Minecraft 1.19.3

Switcher 1.1 v1.1

Hello player! This map allows you to switch between mutiple characters to solve puzzles....

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Download [Liontack's] Unfair Knowledge 1.1 for Minecraft 1.19.3

[Liontack's] Unfair Knowledge 1.1 v1.1

Try not to get killed and finish the map....

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Download Find the Button by IceMaster1294 1.1 for Minecraft 1.19.3

Find the Button by IceMaster1294 1.1 v1.1

Featuring over 50 incredible buttons hid amongst landscapes and structures for 1.18.2 and 1.19. This was designed with multiplayer in mind, althoug......

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Download Biome Jump 1.1 for Minecraft 1.19.3

Biome Jump 1.1 v1.1

Biome Jump is a map with islands and different biomes on them....

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Download Parkour Sun 1.0 for Minecraft 1.19.3

Parkour Sun 1.0 v1.0

PARKOUR... to the sun?  ...

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Download ALONE 1.1 for Minecraft 1.19.3

ALONE 1.1 v1.1

Are you really alone? ALONE is a single-player horror map, you will go through scary alleys. This map has multiple endings. Download link for the r......

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Download Parkour: Route 98 1.1 for Minecraft 1.19.3

Parkour: Route 98 1.1 v1.1

You were having a fantastic roadtrip around the country with the help of Google Maps. Suddenly, you were guided to an unfinished highway, and there......

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Download Parkour Ways 1.0.0 for Minecraft 1.19.3

Parkour Ways 1.0.0 v1.0.0

Parkour Ways is map with custom blocks, cutscene, where you choose your path to finish!  ...

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Download The Agency 1.0 for Minecraft 1.19.3

The Agency 1.0 v1.0

Play through many trials, testing many skills, to become a secret agent at this agency...

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Download Chromaticity 1.0 for Minecraft 1.19.3

Chromaticity 1.0 v1.0

The objective of Chromaticity is to paint all the paintable areas of each level a needed specific color; there are fifteen total levels. About the ......

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