Evaluation Time

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Download Evaluation Time for Minecraft 1.15.2

Test your skill with this uniquely designed map which offers over 18 levels that include parkour, puzzles and much more. Collect over 70 emeralds scattered throughout the tests and earn over 15 diamonds!


  • Press the button in front of you when loading the game to begin.
  • Answer to the Overseer by entering the chat and clicking on one of the different answers.
  • Begin a test by using the buttons in the hub.
  • Test too difficult? Use your "Reset" item in your hotbar to return to the hub.
  • Rules

    • One player only, this is a single player map.
    • Do not cheat, the default gamemode should be /gamemode adventure.

      • There are 18 total tests which will test your parkour, puzzle, bow accuracy, and sliding capabilities (thanks to the newly introduced block, honey!).
      • Collect a total of 72 Emeralds and 18 Diamonds to 100% complete the map.
      • Each test contains a total of 4 Emeralds spread throughout it, with a Diamond being rewarded upon the completion of the test.
      • Additional information

        This map uses 1.15.2 mechanics which includes Honey Parkour.

        The challenge may take anywhere between 1 and 3 hours depending on your experience with parkour courses and puzzles.

        You will notice there are a few dialogues which require you, the player, to choose an answer. This is done by simply opening the chat and clicking on your answer. PLEASE NOTE: If you restarted the game and the chat cleared, use your item to display your options again.


        Download map Evaluation Time

        Evaluation_Time_v1.0.zip (4 mb)

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        Published 29.02.2020 by TrollMaster133