IND Dropper 2

for Minecarft v1.14

Download IND Dropper 2 for Minecraft 1.14

IND Dropper 2 Now Coming With New Levels, New Commands and New Challenge!

Thank You for 20k+ downloaded for Ind Dropper 1

Map to train your Dropper Skill, Easy? I do not think so. now don't currently accept any "URL Shortner" links such as for map downloads.

So please support me as Map Developer by download from >>> Click Here and wait 5 second then click Continue. Very Simple but very helpful :D


This dropper is slightly different from other dropper..

What makes this map different?

Check it by yourself..

  • Double Stage = Haha... This is my Favorite, Double Stage is Special Challenge at lv5
  • 3x Dropper = what this mean ? check it by yourself, 3x dropper is special Challenge at lv6
  • And Many more.
  • Rules

    • Render Distance : 18+ (You Know What I Mean Right ? :3)
    • Cloud OFF
    • All Audio ON, But Music OFF
    • MultiPlayer Allow 
    • And Many Rules, You can Check it in game
    • Screenshots

      Download map IND Dropper 2 (13 mb)

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      Published 7.10.2019 by Hanif24