Universal Dropper

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Map Info:

This dropper style map contains 5 distinct levels: 1) Planets (our solar system); 2) Hot Air Balloon field; 3) Game Face containing various "faces" from popular games; 4) Miner's Cave drop that tapers to the bottom; and 5) Sky Scrapers a unique drop / race through a city landscape.

Some of the levels are quite difficult to complete. But I am sure everyone can complete with the appropriate amount of play time!

Single player and Multiplayer capable. The map has a day time sensor. This map also has a consistent world spawn re-locator, so all players always start in the correct place. And it sets your game play to Adventure!

Spawn Coordinates: -321 4 -112


Download map Universal Dropper

UniversalDropper By_MCTyyyy.zip (2 mb)

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Published 4.01.2016 by MCTyyyy