Escape From The House

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Download Escape From The House for Minecraft 1.17

Escape The House is a new single-player MineCraft puzzle map for 1.17.

As you can probably tell from the title, its objective is to find a way out of the house
that you're trapped in. The map usually takes 20-40 minutes to complete.

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This map is single-player only!

It's for 1.17.X

Text surrounded by square brackets is clickable, e.g. clicking on [PICK UP BOTTLE] will cause you to pick up the bottle on the ground.

The map directory (folder) includes a file named HELP.TXT, it contains step-by-step instructions for solving all of the puzzles, you can use it if you get stuck.

NOTICE: This map contains references to religion which were included for the sake of one puzzle. It doesn't not necessarily mean that the author of this map is a member of that religion.

Please leave a rating once you're done playing.


Download map Escape From The House (2 mb)

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Published 26.06.2021 by MCL