Escape The Restaurant

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Download Escape The Restaurant for Minecraft 1.17.1


Welcome to Escape The Restaurant! This is a new escape map in which you need to get out of the restaurant by solving puzzles.

In this map, you can:

  • Solve color combinations
  • Serve a customer some bad soup
  • Crack a safe
  • Search for hidden items
  • Play time: around 20 - 30 minutes


    1. Have fun!
    2. Notes:

      1. There are instructions included in the world folder, so if you ever get stuck, you could always go there!
      2. Play tested multiple times with multiple people to fix bugs, glitches, and unintended gameplay. If you do find anything, please leave it in the comments!
      3. Screenshots

        Download map Escape The Restaurant
 (3 mb)

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        Published 20.07.2021 by KoolDog05