Prison Break - Escape from Fox River

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Download Prison Break - Escape from Fox River for Minecraft 1.16.5

Fox River - 1 Day after the escape from Michael Scofield

You, the two Player decided that you could escape Fox River too. But the way to freedom is more difficult then you thought. You need to solve many different puzzles to earn your freedom.

Fox River has been completely rebuild in Minecraft by RunningYT & NexotecYT


  • Two Players
  • Prison Break Resourcepack
  • OptiFine (Recommended)


    • Play in adventure mode
    • Command blocks must be enabled
    • Turn PVP off
    • Difficulty: Peaceful
    • Use the Official Resourcepack
    • All the rules/settings can be found in the spawn area
    • Hints:

      • To use a Passcode throw it in front of a door
      • If you're not spawning properly: Teleport to -359 6 223


        Download map Prison Break - Escape from Fox River
 (13 mb)

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        Published 1.07.2021 by RunningYT, NexotecYT