School Escape!

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Download School Escape! for Minecraft 1.16.5

School Escape! is a single player "escape room" inspired adventure map, where your goal is to solve a series of puzzles in order to escape form a school building.

The map does not require any specific knowledge other than the basic minecraft mechanics, and does not feature any enemies nor combat challenges, it's all about solving puzzles and riddles.


  • Minecraft Java edition, version >= 1.16.5
  • Optional:

    • Lithos texture pack (mainly for eye candy and immersion, the map has been built on top of this)
    • Optifine (suggested)


      • Play in adventure mode
      • Brightness set to 50%
      • Command blocks must be enabled
      • Use either Lithos texture pack (link above) or vanilla
      • Hints

        • Read every book
        • Think logically, there is no pure trial and error
        • Check your advancements if you are stuck
        • Minecraft forum topic


          Download map School Escape!

 (5 mb)

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          Published 22.03.2021 by Homunculus84