The Generic Prison

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Download The Generic Prison for Minecraft 1.16.5


You have no memory of anything after waking up. The prison seems to be quite old and nobody seems to be around. Find items, explore, and dig your way to bust out of the abandoned complex.

This fun prison escape map is meant to be played in singleplayer on peaceful difficulty, and is estimated to take 30-60 minutes long to complete. You will be put in adventure mode, so try not to cheat! The map has been tested many times, and is intended to be on the easier side (but there will still be some challenges :D). Video settings and extra details can be found at the start of the map.

Tip: You're gonna have to use your brain sometimes.

If you have any feedback or questions, leave a comment! If you really enjoyed the map and would like more maps from me, consider making a small donation here. Any donation is much appreciated!


Download map The Generic Prison (5 mb)

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Published 9.08.2021 by KhickenNugget