Find the Button - Nightmare Edition

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Download Find the Button - Nightmare Edition for Minecraft 1.8

A difficult find the button map designed to test the mettle of all who play it! Includes 50 levels, with a variety of hidden buttons, puzzles, mazes, parkour and PvE! Made for 1-4 players.

Spawn coordinates are 1157 4 390. If you do not spawn here go to these coordinates and step on the pressure plate.

This map was not meant to be easy. It was meant to be fiendishly hard. Go through 50 levels in your quest to reach the end, and the ultimate reward. They start easy, but get much harder the further you go. All you have to help you are five help levers, but it is best to not use these as they unlock rewards at the end.

And one final word of advice: I am sneaky, and I have made the puzzles in the way most likely to use your folly against you. You have been warned.

Made for 1.8, might work in 1.9 but I wouldn't try it. There are many monsters.

This map has been play tested by myself only, as I have no friends. I would appreciate it if any bugs were reported in the comments section, particularly if playing multiplayer. For example, if you die and find yourself in a place you haven't been to yet, you probably spawned in the wrong place. Use creative mode to find the level you died on, and let me know where you died and ended up spawning.

I don't care if you cheat but you will have to live with a guilty conscience afterwards.

Note: Nightmare refers to difficulty. There are no jump scares, and there should be nothing you find frightening (barring an incidental phobia).


Download map Find the Button - Nightmare Edition (7 mb)

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