What Doesn't Not Not Belong

for Minecarft v1.13.2 372 views

Download What Doesn't Not Not Belong for Minecraft 1.13.2

What Doesn't Not Not Belong is a short, fun "What Doesn't Belong Map" with new, innovative solutions to the problems.

This map is made for CaptainSparklez, but anyone or fans of his can still enjoy the map.


This map also requires a resource pack to play, it will be loaded automatically with the map, but you can also download it here.


  • Don't Cheat
  • Keep your render distance at 12 or more
  • Credits

    Map made by SpectreDonut (me) check out my channel here

    Dill P playtested the map, check out his channel here

    I hope you enjoy the map, if you have any issues leave a comment!


    Download map What Doesn't Not Not Belong

    What_Doesnt_Not_Not_Belong.zip (2 mb)

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    Published 25.05.2019 by SpectreDonut