Rubik's Diversity

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Download Rubik's Diversity for Minecraft 1.16.4

This is a co-op map for 2 players.

It's my first map. it took me 3 months to make, but hopefully it is fun for everybody. I think you might enjoy it. I learned a lot from making it.

You are in the cyan prison with your friend and you need to help them to get out.

Your friend is blind in the cyan prison and you need to guide them through the jail and break the blind machine.

Then you are on the beach, but Henzoid finds and arrests you. He puts you in court, but then he does not care and asked me to tell you what is happened. I say you are going in the Rubik's Diversity prison. You have to complete the branch to get out of the cube.

There will be some references I made in the map. In the map I recreated some old parts of the map that people made and see if you can guess what part of it is.


Be in survival mode, be in peaceful mode, turn particles off, and you can cheat if you need to.


  • What doesn't Belong (white)
  • Puzzle (red)
  • Find the button (orange)
  • Yellow (bring back to life)
  • Green (golf)
  • Blue (dropper)
  • After you complete so branch you move on to the final part of the prison

    The branch for them is

    • Purple (elytra)
    • Pink (parkour)
    • Brown (custom survival)
    • Black (miner battle) sweet back in the mine
    • This map is for CaptainSparklez and X33N or Kara his choice. it for everybody as well!

      When you complete them you are free from the cube, then you are done.

      Follow me on twitter is @kyledanger3 i will have a poll for old map that I can recreate but you need to tell me in the poll.


      Download map Rubik's Diversity (41 mb)

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      Published 17.11.2020 by MagicJoshua