Impossible Dropper 2

for Minecarft v1.12.2

This is a very hard dropper map with some twist, turns, and trolls...lots of trolls.

Some of these droppers are among the biggest you can make in Minecraft!!!

You must think outside the box to complete this dropper map.

This is my second map so any constructive criticism or bug reports are very appreciated!

There are TEN different and unique levels, ranging from what looks simple to near impossible!

I hope you enjoy my map ~Miles

P.S. Here's my youtube channel to credit me if you are going to record

If you are an English speaking YouTuber with 1k+ subs just link me the video of you playing one of my maps and I'll put your head on the wall of heads in my next map!

Download map Impossible Dropper 2 (6 mb)

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Published 27.02.2018 by TBC_Miles