Modern Dropper

for Minecarft v1.12.2

Download Modern Dropper for Minecraft 1.12.2

Experience the feeling of dropping.

Modern Dropper is a new Dropper-Map by J28_Gaming and Tjark77 for Minecraft Version 1.12.2.

In each Level you can find a Trophy. Search and collect all trophys to win the Map!

It currently contains 14 Dropper-Levels with different themes like Cave, Future or Rainbow.

The map is still in progress and we will update the map with new levels for coming Minecraft-Versions.

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  • All Dropper Levels

    1. Quite Closely
    2. M.E.
    3. Hot n' Freeeze
    4. Black & White
    5. Choose your Hole
    6. Icy Spikes
    7. Double-Rainbow-Pencils
    8. Cave of Secrets
    9. Matrix
    10. Green Garden
    11. Step by Step
    12. Block Puzzle
    13. Hoppers
    14. Library
    15. Changelog


      - Added a new Level: Infiniti (Difficulty: medium)
      - Changed the difficulty of "Cave of Secrets" from hard to medium
      - Added a end title and sound
      - Credits-Room bug fix
      - Bug fixes


      - 1 new Level: Desolate
      - many, many bug fixes (Step by Step, Hot'nFreeze, Library, Choose your Hole)
      - added "Status lamps" for each level, which shows you if you already played the level and collect the trophy or not.
      - added a new description-board in the start-lobby


      Download map Modern Dropper (4 mb)

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      Published 5.04.2018 by J28_Gaming, Tjark77